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Thomas Deacon Education Trust

Welbourne Primary Academy celebrates Good Ofsted report

Welbourne Primary Academy have been judged Good in all areas following an inspection in October

Staff and pupils at Welbourne Primary Academy, part of Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET), are delighted with the results of their latest Ofsted inspection which judged the school to be ‘Good’ across all areas.

In the report published this week, the academy received commendation for its “inclusive and nurturing environment”, noted for being a place where “pupils enjoy attending” and feel “safe and well-cared for.”

Quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years provision were each rated ‘Good’, acknowledging the academy’s continuous efforts to ensure a quality education for every student.

Tracy Lawson, Principal at Welbourne Primary Academy, said: “We are thrilled with the positive feedback in this Ofsted report, which recognises our commitment to delivering learning experiences that prepare our children for the future. Creating a safe environment where pupils feel valued and enjoy their learning is essential for their success and paramount at Welbourne Primary Academy. The praise we received for our wellbeing-focus reinforces the importance we place on nurturing our students’ social, emotional, mental and physical health. I am particularly proud that these efforts have been recognised.”

Tracy continued: “We are extremely grateful to our community, parents, pupils, and dedicated staff for their contributions to this achievement. The academy’s values of honesty, excellence, aspiration, respect and teamwork radiated throughout the report which is a testament to the collective efforts of everyone.”

The report showered praise on the academy’s teachers and students:

  • Relationships are strong and respectful, both between pupils themselves, and between pupils and adults.
  • Pupils understand that leaders want them to do well. They enjoy their lessons and try hard with their work. There is a newly detailed, broad and interesting curriculum in place with a focus on basic skills. Pupils are keen to learn and participate well in lessons.
  • Well-established routines and high expectations support learning effectively.
  • The curriculum is enhanced by a wide extra-curricular offer that includes, for example, music and physical education (PE), both delivered by specialists. Pupils appreciate and access these wider opportunities.
  • Reading is a priority for the school. Children in Reception and pupils in Years 1 and 2 enjoy daily phonics sessions, using the school’s chosen approach. These sessions are delivered by skilled, well-trained adults.
  • …As pupils become more confident and fluent, they develop a love of reading, which they use throughout the other areas of the curriculum.
  • All pupils get the opportunity to practise what they need to learn new skills. Consequently, over time, pupils achieve well.
  • Children in early years benefit from a well-planned, appropriate curriculum that considers how young children learn best.
  • …Children are being well prepared for Year 1.
  • Opportunities to develop pupils’ wider cultural development are included in the curriculum.
  • Pupils understand similarities and differences and demonstrate care for one other.
  • Pupils’ health and well-being are a high priority.

Welbourne Primary Academy joined Thomas Deacon Education Trust in May 2019.

The report added: “The academy and the Trust work well together to promote the effective learning and welfare of pupils.”

“The school supports staff well. Leaders regularly check the quality of the curriculum and how well pupils are learning. High-quality training is provided to ensure teachers confidently deliver the curriculum leaders intend.”

Scott Hudson, Chief Executive of Thomas Deacon Education Trust, said: “I would like to congratulate our colleagues and pupils at Welbourne Primary Academy, and those across the Trust who have contributed to receiving this Ofsted grade.”

“We are immensely proud of the academy. Since joining us, the school community has been committed to ensuring that every pupil not only excels academically but thrives in an environment where their overall welfare is prioritised. Our partnership reflects our dedication to providing a world-class education, within a supportive framework as emphasised in the report.”

The full report can be found on Welbourne Primary Academy’s website: