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Thomas Deacon Education Trust

Gladstone Primary Academy Celebrates Good Ofsted report

Gladstone Primary Academy have been judged Good in all areas following an inspection in November.

Pupils “love learning” at Gladstone Primary Academy according to glowing Ofsted report


Gladstone Primary Academy, part of Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET), is delighted to announce the results of its latest Ofsted inspection, which judged the school to be ‘Good’ across all areas.

The report, published this week, praised the academy’s “ambitious curriculum”, “well-planned personal development plan”, and “attitudes to learning.”

Quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years provision were each rated ‘Good’, reflecting the school’s journey towards excellence and its commitment to continuous improvement.

Simon Martin, Principal at Gladstone Primary Academy, said: “We are thrilled with the recognition we have received in this Ofsted report.

“Our vision is rooted in a commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels safe and enjoys learning. The report applauds the school for being a place where this is certainly the case, with pupils expressing a genuine love for learning. I am immensely proud of the positive comments in this report, which is a testament to the tremendous efforts of our children, staff, and the wider school community.”

Speaking of the academy’s supportive environment, inspectors noted that “pupils are well cared for”, “are safe and secure”, and “enjoy positive relationships with their classmates and adults.” The report also highlighted that “they know that adults act quickly and help them if they have any problems.”

The academy was recognised for the behaviour and attitudes of pupils, with inspectors noting that “the school ensures that pupils’ attitudes to learning are good” meaning “pupils learn in a calm and orderly environment without distractions.” Inspectors highlighted that “pupils love learning” as “they benefit from the high expectations that are set for them by the adults.” They also noted that “pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of clubs and activities” which “contributes well to their personal development.”

This love for learning is in part sparked by “high-quality phonics sessions” where “pupils receive expert support to learn to read.” The report says that: “Leaders check how well pupils learn to read. Adults intervene quickly if anyone falls behind. The school ensures that older pupils who join the school without knowing how to read fluently receive high levels of appropriately targeted support.”

This is reflected in early years, as the report states that “staff help children to develop their communication skills, both in English and, where possible, their home language” and that “children love having stories read to them.” As a result, “the curriculum supports children to make good progress from their different starting points.”

Simon added: “The report really highlights our strengths, setting a solid foundation for further excellence in the future. This encouraging feedback will ensure that our school not only maintains its high standards but reaches new heights in delivering an exceptional education for our children. Ofsted is just one part of our wider commitment to providing an excellent education for our pupils.”

The report suggests that with focused attention on one specific area, the Peterborough primary school could be on the cusp of achieving the highest ‘Outstanding’ rating.

The report goes on to celebrate the school’s aspirational curriculum, in which “leaders ensure that whenever pupils join the school, they benefit from a curriculum that prepares them for their next stage of education.” Inspectors added that staff “respond quickly to provide pupils with extra help or further opportunities to improve if needed” concluding that “this supports pupils to achieve highly throughout the curriculum.”

Scott Hudson, Chief Executive of Thomas Deacon Education Trust, said: “We are delighted at the transformation that has taken place at Gladstone Primary Academy since it joined the Trust in 2017. I would like to extend a huge congratulations to our colleagues and pupils at Gladstone, and those across the Trust who have contributed to this impressive report. As the school looks ahead, the focus remains on building upon these strengths, with an aspiration for continued improvement. We are excited about the future possibilities for Gladstone.”

The full report can be found on Gladstone Primary Academy’s website: