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Thomas Deacon Education Trust

We firmly believe that education is not just about test and exam results, recognising however that these are important. Even more so, we want all of our learners to receive a rich and diverse range of opportunity, underpinned by the highest quality of teaching and care that enables them to thrive. 

We have a clear, well-considered and structured approach to academy improvement which is underpinned by a number of fundamental pillars supported by the TDET values – Trust, Diversity, Excellence, Transformation. Our approach to improvement complements the Trust’s strategic plan and supports each academy relative to their stage on the journey to providing a world class education. The pillars of our strategy are:

  • A deep understanding of our academies’ strengths and needs 
  • An adaptation of approach to individual academy context reflected in the individual 3-year strategic plan and Annual Action Plan 
  • A well-considered approach to curriculum design and implementation 
  • Collaborative practice (within and beyond the Trust) to develop and utilise expertise and capacity 
  • Strategic and responsive deployment of expertise 
  • Evidence informed practice 
  • Relentless and resilient pursuit of improvement 
  • Evaluation of impact. 

The education improvement framework operates within a continuum where some aspects of practice are standardised (centrally directed) to areas of work that become aligned through the sharing of best practice, through to aspects that are entirely with the control of the academy. 

The central education team is led by the Director of Standards and Improvement who is responsible for the Trust’s overall education strategy and the improvement of standards, provision, and outcomes in our academies. The Chief Executive line manages all academy principals whilst the Director of Standards and Improvement line manages a small central team of experts and orchestrates the improvement challenge and support.

In addition to this we are also able to draw upon a number of Specialist Leaders in Education employed within the Trust and a range of experienced senior and middle leaders including our principals who are increasingly responsible for leading Trust-wide development.